This is a love story about me finding cheap, yet quality clothes and then internally screaming.

Okay, so there’s more to it than that, but that’s literally why I started this site. Scroll for some fast facts if that’s your thing.


My name is Jade and I run this website. I love long naps and eating triple the serving size. Also, that is me in the chicken mask with a thrifted bomber jacket. The red car too!
This umbrella print jacket was $5.

History Part 1

I come from a family of thrifters, but my mom truly instilled the way of the thrift in me.
I now barely buy certain items from non-secondhand stores because you can find better quality for a much better price. I’m just cheap most of the time, but I’ll drop extra coins on some ankle boots.
About Thrift Wave
I have no explanation for this, I just like the pic.


I built this site and it’s my precious digital child.
Ginger ale is delicious.
Single-digit prices are the best.
Look at this unimpressed statue
Strange Statue
What's the mindset of someone who buys this?


I have a passion for getting a lot for my money. It sounds much better than saying, “I’m cheap.” I started this website because I just really wanted to show off great secondhand finds.
I’ve even weirdly dubbed myself “The Coat Whisperer” because I always find amazing coats in thrift stores. It’s honestly a talent, but my closet is crying from being so packed.
We were going to a wedding.


That is me and my mom above! Check out the black jacket, it’s Wilson’s Leather and it has some serious shoulders. It was $21 from a local thrift store.

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